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Psychic readings
Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings

Intention Candles/Spell Bottles

Intention Candles/Spell Bottles

Spiritual development




Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

Psychic Parties In Store

Psychic Parties In Store

Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring

Meet psychics
Meet our Psychics

Meet our Psychics

    Wick & Candle Metaphysical Gallery & Gifts is more than just a crystal shop. We are an experience. From reiki healing to metaphysical shopping, every moment you spend in our shop will provide you with positive vibes and spiritual awareness.

    Our metaphysical shop carries everything you’ll need as a psychic, chakra, and energy enthusiast, from natural crystals to tarot cards. Our selection is as ever-changing as life itself, coming from around the world to enhance your spirit.

    We know the challenges in finding just the right tool or person to help. Here at Wick & Candle we provide the highest quality of herbs, candles, crystals of all sizes, jewelry, divination tools, statuary, oils, incense, books, classes, energy healing, psy

    Wick & Candle Metaphysical Center for Training offers tarot classes (cartomancy), reiki classes (energy healing), and psychic development (the clairs).

    Wick & Candle is an all in one place for you to explore. No need to hop from store to store - we have it all. Visit our spirituality store today!

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Come and experience a bright, peaceful, and inviting metaphysical shop in Livonia, MI at Wick & Candle Metaphysical Gallery & Gifts. Let us enjoy our deep connection with Mother Earth together.

Offering South East Michigan a large variety of metaphysical supplies, natural crystals and gemstones, jewelry, statuary, and unique gifts. Serving customers seeking tools for healing, positive energy, personal growth, spiritual development, ritual tools and more.

Wick and Candle is not just a retail store or a new age gift shop, we are an experience. We are people in the business of spreading positive vibes and spiritual awareness while selling affordable, high-quality, meaningful merchandise to our patrons.

When you walk into Wick and Candle we believe you've come to the right place! Our shop is a safe haven where your feelings matter and your intuition guides you. Walk through our doors and you will be greeted by our kind staff and be encouraged by the shop's positive high vibe energy.

Our everyday goal is to provide a soothing, positive, and inviting atmosphere for our customers. We are the place to come and enjoy wonderful products, sounds, and smells that promote positive energy and relaxation; where people of all faiths and walks of life are welcome to shop, learn, heal, receive spiritual messages and wisdom. Every item is stocked with positive intention and care and every gift purchased for yourself or others has great meaning.

Our patrons are presented daily with an ever-changing selection of fascinating and unique items to enhance their home, body, and spirit. Wick and Candle provides products with stories, meanings, and histories that speak to the deep connection we all share with Mother Earth that helps bring us closer together living in peace and harmony.

Wick and Candle offers Psychic Readings, Spiritual Mentoring, Intention Candle Dressings, Reiki Healing Therapy, Crystal Reiki Therapy, Candles, Crystals, Jewelry, Oils, Herbs, Unique Gifts, Classes, Workshops and much more. Our team is waiting for your arrival to share with you all their profound knowledge, spiritual wisdom, and expertise, so when you arrive, you'll feel welcome.

We care about our shop and we will always strive to sustain a bright, peaceful, and inviting environment for our customers. You will only find affordable, positive intention merchandise on our shelves and a friendly, knowledgeable staff always available to help you find what you’re looking for on your spiritual journey.

We Offer Gift Cards

Give the gift of a Psychic Reading or Reiki Healing Session to a loved one for any special occasion, birthday, anniversary, etc.

Available Services

  • Psychic Readings
  • Holy Fire®III Reiki Classes
  • Intention Candle
  • Reiki Healing Therapy
  • Crystal Reiki Therapy
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Grief Reiki Sessions
  • Classes and Experiences
  • Gallery Events
  • Workshops


Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 8pm
Closed on Monday

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