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Intention Candle Dressing  

Candle and herbs

Intention Candle Dressing
30 Min. $60.00 (With Jordan)

An intention candle dressing is a great way to manifest and begin the process of bringing new vibes and opportunities into your life. Through a one-on-one conversation with Jordan, he will provide insight and guidance on which type of candle would best suit your personal needs. With the use of a prayer candle, herbs, essential oils, symbols, color associations, and more, he will design a unique and personal intention candle that will stir up and invoke specific energies that can help assist you in all that you’re trying to accomplish. Schedule a session with Jordan at our candle shop today!

Metaphysical Supplies

Wick And Candle Metaphysical Shop & Supplies also has a wide selection of candles, crystals, incense, essential oils, and more for all your metaphysical needs. 

Fresh herbs in bottles
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