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The story of how Wick and Candle was born

Life is a journey

Have you ever been drawn to go somewhere, and you didn't know why?

Here at Wick and Candle we encounter so many people and hear their stories, and through them we can see the beautiful connections between people and find inspiration within their personal life journeys. It's a wonderful thing to witness and be a part of, and these stories feel worthy and beneficial to share.

The dream and vision I had for Wick and Candle was driven by my own personal story. I was a young mother searching for answers to help my child through a very terrifying situation.

My son was being antagonized and tortured in a way that I could not see or comprehend, experiencing things that couldn't be easily explained. He was being hurt by something that was unseen, a dark and mysterious Spirit of some sort that meant him harm.

My son was born spiritually "gifted", and the disturbing spirit that he was dealing with wanted to steal his light and manipulate him to its own will. It was an affliction with mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects that all tied together that was incredibly difficult to navigate or understand logically.

Being afraid of the dark and the bumps in the night are normal fears for a small child. This situation was way bigger than a night terror; he felt like he was living within a waking nightmare, and we had nowhere to turn for help, we felt as though nobody would take us seriously. We didn't even know where to begin to explain what we were experiencing. Seeing my child in pain and being hurt on a daily basis and knowing that I couldn't make the "boogie man" go away was excruciating to deal with, as a mother.

Being from a Christian family, I turned to God and prayed for help every day, but despite the prayers and the pleading for help, the issues continued and even got worse. Over the years the problems became more unbearable and more noticeable. The issues began to follow him at school as well, not just at home, where I could be there for him. I needed help in the worst way, fearing for his life.

I would find the help that I needed one day while walking in a downtown area, when I came across a psychic shop. I was intrigued and I felt a "pull" to go inside. As a Christian I was taught to never dabble or seek answers from the spiritual or the supernatural worlds, and at the time I wasn't aware of anything metaphysical (the energetic side of nature). Seers and psychics were to be avoided at all costs; it was a sin to engage in conversation with these people (Judgement). I felt that I was being led to this place and at this time for a reason. I was searching for answers to help my son and I was willing take the leap for him no matter the cost.

I walked into the psychic shop. They greeted me and I was met with kindness and empathy and the place had an overall positive vibe, a stark contrast to the fear that was instilled in me. They asked me what brought me into the shop that day, and I was very open with them and was beyond ready to tell my story. They provided a safe space for me to let it all out and tell my story, they listened carefully and proceeded to provide the guidance and advice that I was seeking for my son. They asked to meet him and when they did, they quickly became wonderful advisors and friends who took him under their wing and provided him with many ways to protect himself, explaining what was happening to him and figuring out the reason why. They gave him the tools he needed to go forward in life with a positive outlook, with hope that the "demons" he was struggling with would one day go away for good and he could rest, at last.

This encounter at the psychic shop began our path towards understanding what he had been perceiving and going through for the first eighteen years of his life, helping him recognize that he had a divine gift that needed to be nurtured and strengthened as time went on. I cannot properly express the pure gratitude that I felt and still feel for those amazing people. I became really good personal friends with a few of them and found my best friend today from that shop. I am so grateful for the divine intervention that led me to that place and am so thankful that I listened to my gut feeling that day, whatever told me to walk into that psychic shop. They made such an impact on my life and somewhere along the way I decided that I too wanted to provide a space to help people on their life path, just as they did for me. This is how Wick and Candle was born. Divinely lead in every which way, my dream came true, and my purpose could be fulfilled. I am now a proud owner of a metaphysical shop, where my best friend (Diane), son (Jordan), and I all provide services, insight, and products to help people on their life journeys.

So, if you've ever been led to or pulled towards Wick and Candle, I thank you for following your gut feelings and stepping into our home, where I hope you feel safe to share your story and enjoy the magic of life, just as I did and continue to do so! ~Melanie

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