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Illumination Process

60 Minutes - $120.00

The Illumination Process is an energetic healing technique that is rooted in Peruvian shamanism and has been reconstructed and passed on for the benefit of the Western world. This type of healing happens by restoring balance to the chakras and filling the luminous energy body with pure energetic light in order to create peace and comfort for your body, mind, and spirit. 


An Illumination session will:


  • Light up your Luminous Energy Field in order to identify any negative imprints or patterns found within it, which are addressed and cleared (as much as possible) as they appear within the process.


  • Stabilize and clean all seven of the chakras within your body, providing an energetic balance that often relieves/improves physical, psychological, and emotional issues/discomfort. 


  • Fill your body with the power of pure light, giving you an energetic “fullness” that will make it harder for negativity and stagnation to invade your system and cause havoc to your chakras.


  • Allow you to connect with your own energy and experience physical, mental, and spiritual health in new ways.


*Our shamanic practitioner utilizes many tools to perform this type of healing work, including the use of the rattle, drum, crystals, candles, matches, a dull cord-cutting knife, and the burning of incense/herbs. If you have any aversion to noise, any allergies, or an aversion to any of these things, be aware!

Shamanic Healing Session

2 Hours for $150.00


A shamanic healing session provides an open and protected space for you to begin your healing journey on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. A session involves chakra energy work and the calling in of guides, spirits, or any other beneficial energy that wishes to be a part of the process. During a session at Wick and Candle Metaphysical Shop & Supplies, we take the proper steps to initiate/enhance your own personal healing journey, which can include the following:

Physical Level

  • Aligning and clearing the chakras

  • Extracting negative/stagnant energy

  • Ridding energetic blockages

  • Targeting bodily pains/health concerns

  • Healing tears/openings in the luminous energy body


Spiritual Level

  • Stepping into your purpose in this life

  • Aligning you with your personal goals

  • Connecting you to your spirit guides and/or animal totems

  • Establishing a greater connection to higher energies


Emotional Level

  • Healing from past trauma

  • Removing/understanding anxiety and depression

  • Opening up to forgiveness (of yourself and others)

  • Cutting energetic cords that hold you back



A shamanic healing session can work well with other healing modalities and can complement medical diagnoses, but a session should never be used to replace directions and instructions from a medical professional or doctor. Please approach shamanic healing sessions responsibly!


Mental Level

  • Releasing and getting rid of old/bad habits

  • Establishing healthy boundaries

  • Recovering lost energy

  • Climbing out of “stuck” situations

If you’re interested in a shamanic healing session at our pagan shop in Livonia, MI, contact us today! Our shaman will help you connect with your inner self and release emotional blockages to achieve peace and well-being.

A man stand with arms spread in front of a sunset. Image by Zac Durant.
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