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Shamanic Healing Session

2 Hours for $150.00


A shamanic healing session provides an open and protected space for you to begin your healing journey on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. A session involves chakra energy work and the calling in of guides, spirits, or any other beneficial energy that wishes to be a part of the process. During a session at Wick and Candle Metaphysical Shop & Supplies, we take the proper steps to initiate/enhance your own personal healing journey, which can include the following:

Physical Level

  • Aligning and clearing the chakras

  • Extracting negative/stagnant energy

  • Ridding energetic blockages

  • Targeting bodily pains/health concerns

  • Healing tears/openings in the luminous energy body


Spiritual Level

  • Stepping into your purpose in this life

  • Aligning you with your personal goals

  • Connecting you to your spirit guides and/or animal totems

  • Establishing a greater connection to higher energies


Emotional Level

  • Healing from past trauma

  • Removing/understanding anxiety and depression

  • Opening up to forgiveness (of yourself and others)

  • Cutting energetic cords that hold you back



A shamanic healing session can work well with other healing modalities and can complement medical diagnoses, but a session should never be used to replace directions and instructions from a medical professional or doctor. Please approach shamanic healing sessions responsibly!


Mental Level

  • Releasing and getting rid of old/bad habits

  • Establishing healthy boundaries

  • Recovering lost energy

  • Climbing out of “stuck” situations

A man stand with arms spread in front of a sunset. Image by Zac Durant.
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