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Spiritual House Cleansing

60 Minutes + $250.00 

A spiritual house cleansing, also known as spiritual cleansing or energy clearing, is a practice performed to remove negative energies, spirits, or entities from a home or space. 

Burning sage

1. Removing Negative Energies: Negative emotions, events, or even entities can leave behind energy imprints that affect the atmosphere of a space. A spiritual house cleansing aims to remove these negative energies to create a more positive environment.

2. Clearing Spirits or Entities: Spirits or entities can linger in a space, causing disturbances or discomfort. A spiritual house cleansing may involve rituals to guide these entities peacefully out of the space. 

3. Restoring Harmony: Having a house cleansing performed to restore harmony and balance in your home. This can be especially important after a traumatic event, a period of negativity, or when moving into a new space. 

The methods for spiritual house cleansings vary widely and can include practices like smudging (burning herbs like white sage or palo santo), sprinkling blessed water, using sound therapy, or rituals specific to your needs. 

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