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Tarot Cards

Tarot Classes

Our Tarot classes are under construction at the moment. Check social media for upcoming classes.

Learning the Tarot

*Students will be certified upon completion*

Course Description

In this class, students will be taught the divinatory meanings and symbolism within all 78 cards of the traditional “Universal Rider-Waite” tarot card deck. This course is designed to help students of the Tarot memorize the language and metaphysical energies associated with the cards and learn how to apply them within readings, daily practices, self-reflection, and overall spiritual development.

Class Outline

  • Week/Lesson #1: The “Major Arcana” (22 Cards)

  • Week/Lesson #2: The Suits of Pentacles and Cups (26 Cards)

  • Week/Lesson #3: The Suits of Wands and Swords (26 Cards)

  • Week/Lesson #4: Learning how to shuffle/apply the cards, basic tarot card spreads


5 PM-7 PM Eastern Time


This class is taught in person and via Zoom simultaneously.

  • Lesson 1 is taught on the first Sunday of the month

  • Lesson 2 is taught on the second Sunday of the month

  • Lesson 3 is taught on the third Sunday of the month

  • Lesson 4 is taught on the fourth Sunday of the month


Students are required to obtain a copy of "The Universal Rider-Waite Tarot" deck before the start of the class. These can be purchased at our metaphysical store, elsewhere, or through the link provided upon registry. We have a selection of metaphysical books and more available at our metaphysical supply store.


 $125 per lesson/week

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