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Tea Leaf Readings

Cup of Tea

Tea Leaf Reading
(With Jordan)

Tea leaf reading, also known as Tasseomancy, is the antiquated art of finding symbols, images, and meaning within the dregs of loose-leaf tea found at the bottom of a teacup. These are believed to be signs from your guides and the other universal energies that you are connected to. Jordan, one of our Intuitive readers, provides insight into what messages are being delivered to you through the tea leaves, and he can guide you on what is necessary to help you move forward with the given information!

Tea & Tarot
(With Jordan)
60 Min for $120.00
Tea & Tarot for Two
(With Jordan)
90 Min for $150.00

Get tea leaf readings from our gifted psychic reader at Wick And Candle Metaphysical Shop & Supplies in Livonia, MI! We can help you connect with your spirituality and gain a deeper understanding of your life’s path. As an herb shop, we also specialize in white sage, oils, and a selection of other new age faith products.

A teapot pours fresh tea into a cup
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