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Shamanic Classes

Training in the Medicine Wheel & Become a Shamanic Practitioner

This is an in-person training course.

Timing: The Medicine Wheel is completed throughout 9 months of training. There are 4 class sessions total, 2 days each (Friday & Saturday from 11am-8pm), occurring every three months. (Example: A class that starts the first weekend in January will convene again the first weekend of April, then July, and finish in October) Cost: $300 per weekend class, 4 times for a total of $1,200 (paid as you go along)


Course Goals & Key Points:

- Be initiated into a body of healing practices known primarily by the Shamans of the Peruvian mountains; techniques of spiritual journeying and energy healing passed down from the Incan tribes unto the people of the Western world, brought here primarily by anthropologists (i.e. Alberto Viloldo, Michael Harner, Carlos Castenada, and more) 

- Understand our own nature as an energy being and discover the working mechanisms of the energetic body and learn (with hands-on practice!) the various techniques used by shamans to heal energetic wounds, restore balance, remove illness, and clear the chakras.

- Become a bridge between the Worlds in order to get in touch with your own personal nature and path within the Great Web & the Universe, through the combined methods of breathwork, drumming, and shamanic journeying.                        -Learn how to navigate and explore the fascinating world of Spirit, with the intent to heal yourself, your ancestors, and others, creating balance and harmony on all layers of reality.

- Connect to yourself and the personal spirit helpers that assist and guide you along this path, and learn the various ways in which ancestors, power animals, and other non-ordinary energies play a role in your journey.

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Class Details:

What You’ll Need For the First Class:             

- A journal, notepad, etc. for note taking and recording experiences

- A pendulum that has agreed to work with you (if you have questions on how to find a pendulum, we can help you!)

-3 special stones that will mark the creation of your medicine bundle. These stones, rocks, or crystals should be of a size that is easily held in the palm of the hand and can be placed on the body comfortably. Keep the shape, size, and weight in mind, as there will be thirteen of these stones all wrapped up together when the class is completed! These stones will become powerful allies and teachers and will be used in various exercises and healings.

- A small cloth, typically around 20in. x 20in. in size (about the size of a standard altar cloth or bandana) to wrap your stones in. This cloth can be changed at any time, but try to find a pattern, material, and size that resonates with you.

- Yourself, with an open mind and heart!

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